Additive Manufacturing

The world needs explorers, inventors and creators who are given the proper tools to push their boundaries.

Coherent | OR Laser seeks to inspire a new generation of manufacturing engineers, scientists and researchers with the combination of digital technology and advanced manufacturing techniques. We believe that this endeavor will continue to drive innovation across many of the world’s leading industrial sectors such as aerospace, automotive and medical as well as dental.

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Education, Training & Support

Learning programs that help you put the power of laser technology to work.

We take this responsibility very seriously, and have developed a dedicated education program for working with academic institutions to promote advanced laser manufacturing. This is achieved through the provision of our additive manufacturing systems and digital tools as well as learning and support materials for a diverse range of science, engineering and research curricula.

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Academic Learning & Research

Our systems are flexible and offer the solution for your tasks.

The flexibility of our systems brings huge advantages for educational and research programs through their open parameter selection options and the ability to utilise multiple strategy settings. This flexibility is further enhanced by utilization of G-code for part file generation, with the option to manipulate it throughout the project; together with the ability to change spot size and laser power, on-the-fly, during printing. We offer options for imaging, whereby the preferred camera solution (for example, a thermal camera or a high speed camera) can be integrated to suit the applications that will be undertaken within the educational institution.

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Economical Advantages

Special package for our AM systems for education and research

Another benefit of our AM systems is the price performance ratio that can be achieved. The CREATOR systems compete favourably with other laser powder bed fusion machines with metal materials, at a fraction of the cost. Budgets are a fact of life, and particularly stringent across educational programmes, but with us, budgets do not have to be a barrier to Metal AM. Furthermore, the cost-efficiencies of the Coherent | OR Laser range of machines do not compromise on quality or capability, and all incorporate the highest quality laser technologies to ensure high laser power and energy density.

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Experience that supports with insight, space for creativity and innovation.

We have successful collaborations with various institutions from different fields. Our systems are used in the context of collaboration e.g. for specific research on manufacturing materials and development and industry-oriented research with partners. For the institutions our accessible, cost-effective, yet highly advanced and capable laser technology equipment is always an advantage. Our aim is to reliably support the intellectual and practical development of tomorrows manufacturing innovations.

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Educational institutions receive a special package for all Coherent | OR Laser Additive Manufacturing products. For example, we provide a certain number of software licenses free of charge.

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We support educational institutions with free learning courses. Take the opportunity to participate in on-site training sessions at our HQ to get to know our products.

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We collaborate with educational institutions for research, and will consider free installation and use of our systems for certain projects that fully acknowledge the use of the system in published research.

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The renowned APP SUITE software is specifically tailored to our range of Additive Manufacturing systems. Therefore, we are glad to support educational institutions with a number of user licenses.

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