We offer two industrial Metal Additive Manufacturing processes for education.

The CREATOR range of platforms offers flexibility for every area of manufacturing and production with the metal L-PBF process. The original CREATOR platform provides proven AM capabilities with a range of metal materials. These capabilities are advanced further with the CREATOR hybrid system, which offers both additive and subtractive capabilities in a single system at an accessible and attractive price point.

With the introduction of the CREATOR RA, there came several additional advancements which means that the system is now capable of processing reactive materials such as Titanium and Aluminium.

On the DMD side, we continue to develop a broad range of advanced equipment for the diversity of research and applications, most recently the versatile EVO CUBE, which sits alongside the company’s more established and more complex DMD offerings, namely the EVO Mobile and Robot systems for demanding industrial applications.

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The CREATOR series systems are flexible and cost-effective metal 3D printers that provide educational institutions with all the advantages of additive manufacturing. Whether for research purposes or for product development in collaboration with industrial partners, the system can directly build metal parts and components with highly complex geometries that could not be produced directly using any conventional manufacturing techniques, eliminating the requirement for mold tools.

Internally, the build chamber of the CREATOR systems features a unique coating operation with the powdered materials, which enables accelerated build speeds. Another key feature of the CREATOR systems is the 250 W fiber laser which provides excellent beam quality and performance stability. This ensures consistent process conditions and thus finished parts with superior resolution, high component density and excellent surface quality. All systems of the CREATOR series are provided with a fibre laser at a spotsize of 40 μm, laser processing speeds of 3500 mm/s and a build platform of 110 mm diameter with a max building height of 100mm.

The user interface of the CREATOR is flexible and intuitive, thanks to the 3D printing module integrated into the APP SUITE CAD/CAM operating software and an easy to use touchscreen.


The CREATOR, which can process non-reactive materials, and the CREATOR RA provide educational institutions with an unprecedented opportunity to access additive manufacturing systems. The CREATOR RA can process reactive materials, such as titanium and aluminum.

With their machine, operating software, and interface development, the CREATOR systems fulfill all relevant criteria for a stand-alone system – and ensure easy integration possibilities.

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CREATOR hybrid

The CREATOR hybrid system offers an accessible opportunity for metal 3D printing and subtractive milling capabilities within one platform. Featuring all of the AM benefits of the original CREATOR, the HYBRID system includes precision computer controlled industrial milling capabilities.

This dual capability opens up further application and research development opportunities for complex parts with the highest quality surface finish to tight tolerances using the perfect accuracy of the milling process. The CREATOR hybrid system can accommodate highly complex components and structures, including inside contours, undercuts or hidden cooling channels.

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The EVO CUBE is a very versatile, compact, upgradeable and cost-efficient laser material processing platform. With this platform various state-of-the-art laser systems can be used. Enabling high-quality laser manufacturing applications, such as automated laser welding, DMD with powder, heat treatment or cutting for small or medium-sized components with a load capacity of up-to 1000 kg.

The EVO CUBE incorporates a granite table, which offers excellent stability and can also withstand highest loads. Moreover, the axis speed of this precise and high-quality system can be numerically controlled between 0.5-15 mm/s. With all these features it is ensured that the EVO CUBE can meet almost all technical requirements one can think of and is therefore equipped for the most demanding tasks with maximum reliability and precision at a most competitive price.

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The EVO Mobile is a high-performing, compact, flexible and mobile laser welding system that sets new standards for open laser work­stations. The EVO Mobile offers an easy to operate and practical solution through its integration of semi­automatic processing capabilities.

The productivity of the EVO Mobile system is greatly enhanced by the auto weld function which allows it to “learn” geometric figures (points, circles, polygons etc) and the further processing of these surfaces with predefined welding parameters. The EVO Mobile also provides an option for rotating the coordinate system freely in space, enabling users to define an inclined plane in space as the processing surface, making welding significantly simpler.

The compact height of only 110 cm also allows for easy trans­port of this fully mobile laser system. The laser beam is directed to the welding position within the realm of milli­meter precision. The minimal setup and takedown time as well as the long axis traverse dis­tances of the EVO Mobile mini­mizes the total amount of work when pro­cessing tools and dies.


Many of today’s production tasks are too complex for simple three-axis machining. In most of these cases, a six-axis robot system should be considered.

Coherent |OR Laser offers modular robot solutions tailored to the customer’s needs. The flexibility of a robot system is not matched by any other machine on the market. Laser 3D cutting, welding, hardening or AM with laser blown powder (DMD) is possible. Our robot systems can be equipped with fiber or diode lasers. Challenge us with your requirements and request a free of charge quotation for your individual robot set-up.

The complex kinematic system of a robot is solved by our own software solution. We offer our customers complex 3D programming for almost any laser processing technology in a simple, efficient and convenient offline programming and simulation tool.


The APP SUITE is an integrated CAM environment, which supports industrial laser application. Geometric primitive included native objects such as line, box, circle, ellipse, and spline, as well as vector text, barcodes, and raster images. APP SUITE makes it extremely easy to import and work with all object types, from simple bitmaps to complex nurbs.

The machine operator also has full control of all relevant machine parameters ensuring flexible and strategic control. During each processing session, parameters such as laser power, frequency, speed, gas, spot size, etc. can be monitored and changed with maximum freedom from one job to the next.

While other CAD/CAM software solutions typically stop at creating the G-Code, the software supports a flexible machine driver architecture allowing the user to connect, and execute his job at the push of a button. Functions for manual positioning, soft joystick, zero point set, advanced calibration, and axis flipping are also available to the user for easy operations.

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